First official test day in Danish Touring car Challenge.

After changing to INTRAX for the 2009 season, Jason Watt clocked the new track record at Jyllands Ringen.

Official DTC test results Sunday 3-5-2009.

Jason Watt   Seat Leon                                           1:10,000
Jan Magnussen   BMW 320si E90                            1:10,002
James Thompson   Honda Accord                            1:10,115
Per Poulsen `  Honda Accord                                   1:10,673
Henrik Lundgaard   Chevrolet Lacetti                       1:10,701
John Nielsen   BMW 320si E90                                  1:10,709
Michel Nykjaer   Chevrolet Lacetti                            1:10,748
Martin Jensen   BMW 320si E90                                1:10,759
Jens Reno Møller   Seta Leon                                    1:11,214
Casper Elgaard   Seat Leon                                      1:11,275
Peter Ager   BMW 320si E90                                     1:11,720
Casper Jensen   BMW  320i E46                               1:11,912
Jens Ole Mathiesen  BMW E46 M3                            1:13,518
Martin Marrill   Seat Leon                                           1:14,568


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