Intrax supplier cylindrical race springs

Looking for that one special spring to drive that bit faster? Do you need to race this weekend and are looking for off-the-shelf delivery of springs? We sell the best springs, similar or better than for example Eibach springs, from stock, at sharp rates. Ordered today, shipped today. We ship worldwide with normal and express shipment.  

Besides the 60mm i.d. springs, Intrax also delivers 70mm i.d. springs for large diameter Mc Pherson struts as are being used in rally cars and heavy racecars. For smaller diameter shocks as they are used for example in front shocks of quads or when space is tight,  we deliver 46mm i.d. springs.  

Intrax also delivers a range of helper springs (also called fiddler springs) with flat and round wire, in several colors, lengths, diameters and spring rates.

See the table above for the current range of 60mm i.d. racing springs we are stocking.

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