Intrax first importer opens his doors

Intrax is proud to say that YLK Automotive opens their doors on Friday 22nd of March as Importer of the Intrax shock absorbers in Korea.

After some months with intensive correspondence  and a visit of the management team of YLK Automotive at the Intrax factory Henk Thuis (founder/owner of Intrax) was convinced “these  guys have passion for the job they do and are hungry for success, that’s clear”.

The in Seoul based company is under the inspireing leadership of CEO Kim Joo Hwan. He has been tuning cars from a very youn g age. As a good entrepreneur he is always looking for better. Opening his own company with a office in Seoul is a high lite in his young entrepreneur ship but for sure not the last.

Intrax wishes  them success

YLK Automotive

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