High-speed stability street suspension for the R129 by Intrax.

The R129 has a lot of power and top speed. Handling, even with the AMG suspension upgrade package, can have difficulties keeping up with the 300kph+ car. The car is rather powerful with up to 600hp and rather bulky with approx. 2000kg, making it a challenge to control.

Intrax has developed a street suspension, aimed at high-speed safety and stability. Traction improves to a point that even the fastest versions like the SL73 AMG have (almost) full traction from the start of acceleration.

The front and rear damping is adjustable in 40 clicks to suit everybody’s taste in ride comfort and stability. Ride height can be changed to suit the wheel / tire combination.

The front suspension gets a nice upgrade from the feeble 22mm Mc Pherson guidance rod to a 45mm Black Titan guidance rod, to control the front wheel alignment better. Especially with the heavy engine on top of the front wheels, this is a major improvement over the normal AMG suspension package.

The rear shock has a Black Titan ultra-smooth piston rod. This helps reducing stick-slip and improves traction.  

The suspension fits the following models:
300 SL
300 SL-24
500 SL
600 SL
SL 280
SL 320
SL 500

This suspension is not tested for models with electronic damping.    

Intrax is a Dutch manufacturer of high-end suspension technology with over 30 years experience at the highest levels in racing.  Intrax designs and produces shock absorbers, springs and suspension packages for Formula 1 cars, road cars and everything in between. In addition to an elaborate street- and competition program, Intrax also delivers “custom-made solutions”. Please inform at us what we can mean for you.



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