HDA 2-WAY and HDA 4-WAY Street/ Trackday shock absorbers for Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi EVO and Lancia Delta HF Integrale 8V/16V

Always perfect handling and comfort. Cruising with your girlfriend, daily commuting to the job, or attacking the circuits with some fresh semi-slicks. This coilover system can do it all for an attractive pricing. 

You have all adjustment possibilities in your own hand without the need to revalve. The lowspeed compression, high-speed compression and rebound damping are independently adjustable. Each single adjuster has a minimum of 18, but in most cases as much a 50 positions. The system is oil lubricated so  it is strong, reliable and maintenance free. The housings are made of electrochemically polished stainless steel so the coilover kit is beautiful when mounted and stays beautiful. The stainless steel ensures the height adjustment / corner weight adjustment stays moveable over time. The “piggyback” mounted nitrogen reservoirs guarantee an always constant damping force, improve the cooling and ensure maximum oil lifetime even in the severest conditions.  The “camber inserts” give you the freedom to set extra camber, in some cases up to 3 degrees, to finally get rid of the understeer (“push”) of your car.

The modular HDA system can be delivered in the following variations:
> With one single adjuster: compression and rebound always in the right relationship

> With 2-WAY adjustment: one adjustment for the compression (1x) and one adjustment for the rebound (1x)

> With 4-WAY adjustment: high-speed compressie (1x), low-speed compression (2x) en rebound (1x).

This coilover kit can be upgraded from one type to the next by changing the reservoirs.

It can be ordered optionally with the extreme hard and smooth Black Titan piston rods for an even better functioning and maximized performance.

This set can be ordered with camberplates / hard topmounts equipped with uniballs.

Please inform at your dealer of at Intrax for the possibilities for your car.

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