EPIC, the new Intrax off-road shock absorber line

Off-road shocks

Due to the many requests we had from different customers and dealers for off-road shocks, Intrax decided to develop an off-road line.

Epic off-road shocks

This newly developed line is called the EPIC shock, this name immediately makes our intentions concerning quality and handling clear.

The EPIC shock is built with our well known quality parts and innovative techniques but just a bit bigger so it can cope even better with the very hard off-road abuse.

For instance the reservoir has a diameter of 78mm and has large cooling fins to make sure that the oil, which is pushed around by the 52mm piston, doesnt overhead. Of course our highly recommended Black Titan coating which keeps the temperature also down due to the low friction can be fitted, the Black Titan is also a very good protector for the spindle due to the unprecedented hardness. The inevitable temperature fluctuations will be compensated by our standard equipped, unsurpassed thermostat. The EPIC shock is also standard equipped with our revolutionary off-road version of our ARC® system, our ICCÂ’® system which stands for Intelligent Cornering Control.

After a developing period we had a testing period in our factory and on some cars and the shocks are approved by the technical and ready for competition abuse.

4-way adjustable shocks

The first EPIC4 system (the 4 stands for 4-way adjustable) is fitted on a NK off-road participants car. So we have our competition use feed-back from an independent driver very soon. Of course they already did some testing and there were smiles all around because of the big improvement of the cars performance due to the much higher speeds they could maintain on the rough tracks.

We soon have EPIC shocks ready for other off-road vehicles which will be used in International competitions very soon. We keep you posted about the developments.

Have a look at our Epic off-road shocks

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