First race WEK 2011/2012 has been driven.

Last saturday, the first race of the WEK 2011/2012 has taken place. The race also known as "The Zandvoort 500" was droven on Circuitpark zandvoort.

With a beautiful after summer day, at 5 minutes to twelf the WEK 500km of Zandvoort started.
The 500km long endurance race had some fierce battles and the unfortunaly the necessary drop-outs.

But most of the teams that have started the race, and finished without damage:
In the Division II we congratulate:
JR Motorsport BMW E36 M3 with their 1st place (drivers Vd. Bos/Poland/Goede)
And again JR motorsport BMW E36 M3 GTR with their 2nd place (drivers Cavanagh/Ursem)
In de Divisie IV we congratulate:
Equipe Verschuur-Las BMW 123D with their 1st place (drivers L. + M. Braams)
Sanders Autosport BMW 120D with their 2nd place (drivers Wilschut/Verburg)
Day V tech BMW 120 D with their 3th place (drivers Fridman/Caransa)

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