A great classic car left the Intrax building

Like a lot of other classic car/ young timers the car is technical capable to use as a daily but the handling is still “old fashioned”. At the same time you don’t want to destroy the feeling of driving a classic car. Intrax can gradually be called a specialist for classic cars. We are able to give the car, in this case the Aston Martin V8, a stable handling (much safer) without taking out the Gran Turismo feeling and over stressing the chassis. Not less important we also build the system in a way that no adjustments on the chassis and or the suspension has to be made, enabling the return of the original shocks (for an auction or something) without traces of the Intrax shocks. For more info mail us info@intrax.nl or give us a call +31413272997, you can also make an appointment to come and visit us.

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