The new Radical SR8 LM on Intrax 4-WAY adjustable shock absorbers, driven by Derek Johnson and Stuart Moseley has won in Catalunya Barcelona (Spain) April 4th and 5th. 

Saturday Qualifying

We came to this first round not sure what to expect because the new 09 car (SR8 LM) has a much stiffer chassis and a larger 2.8L engine. There are new rules this year, both drivers have to qualify the car for grid position, First driver for race 1 and the second for race 2. We also have a new mechanic this year who did a great job as the car ran without fault all weekend.

Saturday Race 1        Weather- dry, overcast

Stuart started the race from pole, he got mugged off the line but dived back through into turn 1. At the end of the 1st lap he was 2 seconds in front by the 3rd lap 7 seconds and by the end of his stint 30 seconds. I took over at half time and held a 27 second lead until the end of the race. This was a real text book race.

Final position 1st

Sunday Race 2          Weather- dry, sunny

I started this race from 6th position on the grid by the end of the 1st lap in 4th and at half time brought the car back safe in 3rd. Stuart went out and after his 1st lap was catching the car in 1st by 5 seconds a lap. He finished the race with a 10 second lead.

Final position 1st, Championship standing 1st

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